Many different types of inspections can be performed on a property.  Cardinal Home Inspections will handle any type of inspection you require.  Whether it be a pre-purhase inspection or a pre-sale inspection, get the information you need.  Addtional inspections including sewer scopes, radon, and home warranties are also available.



Pre-purchase Inspections
Radon Testing
Pre-sale Inspections

In electing to have an inspection done on the home before you puchase, you are ensuring that you have the vital information about your individual home.  A comprehensive inspection will cover everything from the foundation to the roof.  All strucutral and functionally aspects of the home will be covered.  You will be provided with all of the facts about the home you could possibly need to make an informed decision.  Take hold of that peace of mind that you are buying the right property for you.


When selling your home, the last thing anyone needs is the unkown factors arising from a buyers inspection.  A pre-sale inspection will provide you the information you need to have you home ready for that new buyer.  Know what needs to be

addressed before putting your home on the market.  Have a comprehensive inspection report availabe during showings for prospective buyers to view.  Limit your worries by being proactive in the sale of your home.



Radon is a constant presence for any home in Colorado.  Higher levels of radon are dangerous to your health.  Get that peace of mind by having your furture or current home tested for elevated radon levels.  Know whether a mitigation system is essential for your home and for your health.  Radon testing is performed on the home and testd through a local labratory.  Get your results quickly!




Home Warranty Inspections
Mold Testing

Is the builders warranty or the home warranty you purchased about to expire?  Having an inspection done can bring out the material or builders defects that should not have occured.  Make sure your home has the quality you still expect before the warranty expires.


Are you afraid of mold intrusion in the home?  Mold can be a hazardous infection of the home.  Molds are commonly found due to leaks or water instrusion in the home.  Know whether you have to worry about mold and the health hazards if creates. 

Please click the link attached here to see a sample report for a better understanding of what you can expect from the inspection process.


Sample Reports